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Jilly Traganou in conversation with Walter Hood

Prof. Traganou’s conversation with Walter Hood, one of the authors featured in the MOMA exhibition titled “Reconstructions: Architecture and Blackness in America,” was published in Failed Architecture, an online platform which strives to reconnect architecture with the real world and explore the meaning of architecture in contemporary society.

Prof. Traganou met with Walter Hood to discuss the origins of his architectural proposition, and the contribution of his architecture to the work of social movements. At that time, the Dark Matter University had begun an ultimately unsuccessful petition to extend Reconstructions longer than its original 13-week duration. Refusing to extend the show in favor of an exhibit about car culture, Traganou explains that "MoMA revealed a lack of commitment to the Black Reconstruction Collective’s calls to hold the nation and its institutions accountable for their culpability in systemic racism and its impacts on the built environment."


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