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Mobility, Migration, and Immigrant Communities in NYC

A Works in Progress Conference at the Zolberg Institute on Migration and Mobility

September 22-23, 2022, Wolf Conference Room, 6 E. 16th St.

For more information, contact the Zolberg Institute at

Convened by Director Alex Aleinkoff

Presentations of works in progress by the following:

· Sofya Aptekar (CUNY) · Michael Cohen (New School) · Azra Dawood (Museum of the City of New York) · Joseph Heathcott (New School) · Amy Hsin (Queens College) · Tarry Hum (Queens College & Graduate Center CUNY) · Achilles Kallergis (New School) · Miodrag Mitrosinovic (New School) · Gabriela Rendon (New School) · Dialika Sall (Lehman College) · Robert Smith (Baruch College & Graduate Center CUNY) · Kian Tajbakhsh (Columbia) · Andrew Wolf (Rutgers) · NY Immigrant Voting Project (New School graduate students)


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